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How the EvoWatch can revolutionize time...

How the EvoWatch can revolutionize time...

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Over the last few years, the popularity of smartwatches has grown astronomically, and the days when a watch simply told you the time are long gone!

Smartwatches are, of course, an essential piece of kit for any fitness fanatic – they allow you to track your health in the same way that a smartphone wouldn’t, thanks to their presence on your wrist 24/7. This is great for keeping track of daily steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and other factors within your lifestyle that you want to keep tabs on in order to be the healthiest and feel the best that you can!

However, with many smartwatches, that’s where the benefits end. While a lot of leading brand smartwatches do include the capabilities for calling, messaging, and map navigation, the screens are far too small for these to compete with the smartphone in any way. After all, why would you take the time to type out a message on a keyboard built into an incredibly small screen rather than simply searching for your phone in your pocket to do the very same thing?

Put simply, leading brand smartwatches are great for tracking your health, but that’s about it. Why pay so much more for all those added functionalities if you can’t really enjoy using them?

That’s why we have created the World's Biggest 4G Smartwatch “EvoWatch 2.0”, the world’s most powerful smartwatch!

When we created the EvoWatch, we set out with one mission in mind – to change the way that people use watches forever. A good smartwatch isn’t simply a watch, but now it isn’t just a fitness tracker, either. The EvoWatch is a watch, a fitness tracker, a phone, an entertainment centre, a camera… the list goes on. With the EvoWatch, your whole life can be right there on your wrist.

So, how is the EvoWatch different from other leading smartwatches? First of all, EvoWatch has the World's Largest 4G Smartwatch screen. No more struggling to type out your text messages or straining your eyes to read the stats of your latest workout. With the EvoWatch, everything you need is right there, crystal clear, on the 480×640 OLED touchscreen. Whatever it is you’re using your EvoWatch for, it’ll look great on this high-quality display – and trust us, there’s plenty of uses with the EvoWatch.

 You can use your EvoWatch to stay connected, wherever you are. Texting and calling from your watch are quick and easy on the wide-display touchscreen, but that’s not all! You can make video calls right from your wrist with the EvoWatch’s 5MP HD front-facing camera. No Wi-Fi No problem! The EvoWatch 2.0 includes both 3G and 4G connectivity, so whether you’re grabbing a coffee, taking a walk, or hitting the gym, you’re only a tap away from seeing the ones you care about.

 You can even use the camera to snap photos whenever you like and can upload them to social media right from your watch, thanks to the EvoWatch 2.0’s Android 7.1 Nougat operating system and the inclusion of the Google Play Store. Whether you want to share a post, a tweet, or a photo, there’s no need to reach for your cell phone with the EvoWatch on your wrist – there’s a built-in web browser, too, so you can do a quick search for just about anything in seconds. You can even watch your favourite YouTube videos on your EvoWatch.

 As easy as it is to use the EvoWatch 2.0’s high-quality touchscreen, you don’t always need to go down the route of doing things manually. The EvoWatch comes equipped with Google Assist, so whether it’s ‘text Dad’, ‘tell me the time’ or ‘call a taxi’, Google Assist has you covered without you needing to do any of the work yourself.

With so many functionalities, you might worry that the EvoWatch must fall down somewhere else, right? Wrong. We’ve created the EvoWatch to be the most powerful smartwatch on the market, and that includes making sure that every bit of the hardware is built to the highest standard. The EvoWatch includes a 2700mAh battery – that’s the largest battery inside any smartwatch – and each full charge lasts for up to 7 days, so you’ll never be caught short when you need to consult your new favourite gadget when you’re out and about.

As for memory, the EvoWatch 2.0 has a memory of 3GB RAM – plenty of room for all those photos you’ve taken using the built-in HD camera. It’s also both waterproof and sweatproof, so you don’t need to worry about going hard at the gym in your EvoWatch – or accidentally forgetting to take off once you hit the showers.

Of course, if you’re going to wear your EvoWatch every day, then you want a watch that looks great, too. We think that the EvoWatch may just be one of the sleekest and stylish smartwatches on the market, and there are endless customization options, too. Make it your own and customize the EvoWatch to fit your personality – there’s only one you, and we wanted to make it so that the EvoWatch reflects that.

Join the smartwatch revolution!

We know how good the EvoWatch 2.0 is, with so many great features and functionalities – video chatting, web browsing, messaging, calling, and a wide array of fitness tracking options, all displayed on the largest smartwatch screen out there – and we want you to check it out, too. Pick up your very own EvoWatch 2.0 – the World's most Biggest and Powerful 4G Smartwatch– and join the smartwatch revolution today!

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